The Bespoke Process 1

Initial consultation

The bespoke process begins with the initial consultation whereby we will take time to get to know details of your wedding day. We will then discuss the details of your design and fabric options/ ideas. This consultation will last approximately one hour.

We will also discuss accessories such as veils, boleros and jackets that can be designed and created to complement your dress.

Following the consultation, you will receive an email including your garment quotation, the design and fabrics we have discussed and your contract for consideration.



The initial set of measurements can be done at this consultation or can be arranged for another time. The true fit of the garment will be achieved at the first fitting/toile stages when the garment will be fitted to your shape.

The Bespoke Process 2
The Bespoke Process 3

Toile Fittings

We will put together a toile/ mock-up gown of the proposed design for you to try on. This is an important part to the design process as you will see your ideas made up.

In your fittings we will also look at some fabric options for the dress, at this point you will have already decided on the type of fabric you would like and we would have ordered in fabric samples for you to see before making your final choice.

The number of dress fittings you will need will depend on the the complexity of the design. It is important you have the correct underwear with you for all fittings. Heels must also be brought to each fitting if the garment is floor length, if this is not possible for the first fitting then a similar height heel that will be worn is needed. It is necessary to have the correct heels once we start making your dress in your final fabric.

Once we have your toile finalised and we have finalised fabric choices, we will then move on to making your dress!


Final fittings & collection

You will have a few fittings to try on your dress throughout the making process and we can make minor tweaks along the way but most of the construction of the dress would have been finalised in your toile fittings.

You will have a final fitting where your dress will be finished and you have the opportunity to try it on one last time before making an appointment to collect your dress when it will be steamed and ready to go. Any balance must be paid on or before the date of collection.

The Bespoke Process 4