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It can be daunting to know where to start with the different veil options, hopefully this guide will help you find the right style for you. If you would like further information, head over to the contact page and we’ll be happy to advise. All veils are handmade to order so if you require custom lengths, please get in touch.

Veil Lengths

Veil Guide 1

Veil Styles

Single Tier Veils

Veil Guide 2
– Gathered tulle falling from a fine metal comb which can be secured into most hairstyles.
– This style is a single layer which falls down your back, for a layer of tulle draped over your face, please see our two tier veil styles.
– Choose the comb colour to suit your style, or alternatively the veil can be attached to two veil clips which clip in securely for down hairstyles.

Two Tier Veils

Veil Guide 3
– Created to feature a seamless blusher which can be worn draped over the face for the traditional bride reveal, and then swept to the back to create the second tier.
– There is no gathering on this style, and is held in place by a fine metal comb.
– Our standard blusher layer measures roughly 29.5″ from the comb, length can be changed upon request.

Drape Veils

Veil Guide 4
– A beautiful draped tulle feature between two clips secured discreetly either side of your head, cascading down to your veil length of choice.
– This style is a great option if you do not want to mask the detail of your bridal up-do.
– If you have any offcuts of lace from your dress alterations, these can be sewn on top of the clip area upon request.

Cape Veils

Veil Guide 5
– Secured to clasped pins for you to discreetly fasten to your straps or to the back of your dress and remove with ease.
– A perfect style if you do not want to cover details on the back of your dress.
– This style also includes loops you can slide hair grips through to transform into a drape veil, giving you the versatility to change up your outfit throughout the day.


Veil Combs

Veil Guide 6
The combs are available on our single, two tier veil and are available in silver plated, gold plated or rose gold.

Veil Clips

Veil Guide 7
Optional for all of our single tier veils as an alternative to a comb, available in blonde, brunette and black.

Drape Veil Clips

Veil Guide 8
Secure clips are used for all of our drape veils, available in blonde, brunette and black.

Cape Veil Pins

Veil Guide 9
Discreet pins are used for all of our Cape Veils with loops to transform cape veils into a draped veil.

Once we receive your order, we will email you with any questions we may have before we begin making and also discuss your preference of veil fastening.

If you have any questions you can contact us here.  If you are looking for more customisation we offer a bespoke design service, we are always happy to chat about what you are looking for.